ATH 910 - Strength Training for Sports

Andrew Herrick, PhD, CHES

This course is designed to explore the relationship between strength training and athletic performance in young athletes. The participant will learn how to develop an individualized strength training program for both young athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Topics include basic principles of resistance training, the controversy of strength training for children, growth and development issues, development and administration of programs for youth, integration of other fitness components, and individualizing strength programs for young athletes. This course will benefit the coach and teacher by presenting the practical knowledge for program development along with a theoretical understanding.
Course Information
Credit: 3-semester units college credit
Fees: $400 ($375 tuition + $25 fees) - Students are required to purchase the text separately.
Instructor: Andrew Herrick, Ph.D., C.H.E.S. | [email protected] | 602-751-2528
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