Physical Education Courses

Professional Development Courses for Physical Education Teachers and Coaches
  1. Teaching Secondary Physical Education (PED-912)
    This course is designed to be a balance between learning the content needed to be an effective Physical Education teacher at the secondary level and applying the pedagogy needed to teach the content. You will develop an understanding and learn to implement either nationally-recognized or California-adopted Content Standards. Course assessments are designed to show that the knowledge gained can carry over to processing and effectively using it within the Physical Education setting. Students will also be exposed to resources which can be ongoing sources of information for teaching in the future.
  2. History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education (PED-911)
    Examine the history of games, play, sport and physical education using a chronological approach to discover their connection to Western thought and culture. The course takes a constructivist approach that is based on scholarly research using both primary and secondary sources, yet is made relevant, applicable and practical by being project-centered. Teachers are given freedom to build their learning experience around their own unique background, interests and location.
  3. Biomechanics for Sports (ATH-936)
    Sports Biomechanics is an introductory course designed to introduce physical educators and coaches to the basic principles of biomechanics and their applications to human movement in sport and exercise. In simplest terms, it is described as the physics of sports where the laws of mechanics are applied in order to gain a greater understanding of athletic performance. The course will involve the analysis of effective and efficient movement through a study of mechanical and anatomical principles while addressing national educational standards. The primary goals are to improve performance and prevent injury.
  4. SEL through Sports and Physical Eduction (PED-922)
    Social and Emotional Learning through Sports and Physical Education is a highly practical and theoretically sound course that will help you build a positive learning environment, teach valuable life skills, and inspire in students a desire to live active, healthy lives. Teachers will learn how to help students develop a growth mindset, ability to focus, regulate emotions, set goals and the importance of preparation and practice. Filled with engaging activities and strategies to use with students, this course goes beyond sports and physical activity to building social emotional skills needed for life-long success.