Education and Technology Courses

Professional Development Courses for Teachers, Counselors, and Adminstrators
  1. Portfolios in the Classroom (EDU-908)
    Learn the terminology and methodology associated with the construction and use of portfolios in the classroom. Portfolios can serve as a tool to evaluate coursework quality, assess student progress and academic achievement. Assignments explore the use of portfolios for instruction, assessment, motivation, reflection, accountability, communication, collaboration and research. The portfolio process is demonstrated and practiced by readings, workbook exercises, exam and the creation of your own course portfolio.
  2. Developing Superstar Students (EDU-937)
    As a teacher, counselor, or school administrator you know that being a successful student in today's society can be challenging. This course is designed to help educators create a curriculum and environment that promote and enable student success. The course prepares and equips teachers, counselors, and administrators to empower students to reach their educational and career goals by introducing them to strategies, techniques, and self-management tools commonly recognized to lead to success.
  3. Technology in Physical Education (PED-914)
    Technology has become an infusive and pervasive presence in most aspects of today's culture; at home, at work, in the classroom, and on the athletic field. Technology has provided teachers and coaches with new tools and has opened up whole worlds of new possibilities for teaching, learning, coaching and managing competitions. Using a project-based approach, and in collaboration with the instructor and other participants, students in this course will become familiar with both current and emerging technologies that may be useful in their teaching and/or coaching.